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The Sanibel Island art scene remembers Ikki Matsumoto as one of the most important figures in its history. In 1968, the artist (or artist - in residence, as he was liked to be called) bought his first house on the island, a two-bedroom house on a small island off the coast of Fort Myers, Florida, from Bob "Bubblehead" Hickey, or "Bob," as she liked to be called.

He lived on the island for 38 years and had a lasting impact on the art until his death in 2008. Many of Ruhel's paintings are exhibited in the Sanibel Art Frame, and many of the works support the local art community and the city of Fort Myers itself. To promote excellence and quality work, the Sanibel Captiva Rotary Club also awards cash prizes to artists in several categories. A $5 donation is proposed, with all proceeds going to charity on Sanibel Island, Lee County and around the world.

To reach Lovers Key Beach, you can take the tram that runs to the park entrance, enjoy a scenic walk along the waterfront in a maritime hammock or dial into the Beach Park, a sprawling active complex that stretches along a 2-kilometer beach and is fully equipped with your own shuttle and golf cart. Spend the day exploring the many art galleries and galleries on Sanibel Island and Fort Myers. To become a member, visit BIG ARTS and log in to www. For more information about workshops, call 395-0900 or contact SBL Vacations, which rents out beautiful Sanibel, Florida.

It's no surprise to see a group of bowed people - locals combing the sand in an attitude known colloquially as "sanibel." At the beaches closest to Sanibel, you can even catch a glimpse of dolphin pods that move quickly in the water. One day the tide could leave bands of shells and algae on the beach, the next day glittering tidal pools around sandbanks 50 yards out. Sanibel is also known for its best shelling destinations and is home to some of Florida's most beautiful sand dunes.

Only 379 people live here year-round, and most of those homes are vacation homes that draw eager Americans to the island's white beaches and wildlife reserves. There are two kilometres of white sand dunes, sandbanks, white sand and white water, but it's basically a large sandbar, "Britt says.

Fishing and hiking are the sum of the parts, but you won't find Florida Man, Gators or Spring Breakers taking body shots, nor a beautiful natural landscape full of vast nature reserves or sunsets that might make you choose a property list. You will also find some of the most overlooked waterfront properties - real estate in the form of beachfront villas, and you will be able to save the pink lacquered gift shop, the beach restaurant, and even a few restaurants and bars.

Hirdie Girdies Gallery, located on the south side of Captiva, a short walk from the beach, is a fantastic Sanibel art gallery. See the art in the gallery, visit the gift shop, see the range of art for the season, rest in a beautiful garden and take home a little piece of "Captiva" to support the local artists and art communities. Head to the Sanctuary of Art and learn about the island's dynamic cultural and artistic centre. Check out rotating exhibitions of talented local artists, view art from all galleries and see for yourself, or see and visit all the lines for the art season.

This gallery, which is home to 27 local artists, showcases inspiring art by artists from the United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South America and the Caribbean. This is one of the most popular art galleries on Sanibel Island in Florida and a great place for art lovers.

Step inside this charming Florida home and experience the beautiful views of Sanibel Island and its beautiful beaches. You will find works that capture the island perfectly and you can experience all this from the comfort of your own home or in a private room.

Originally built in 1915 in the Gulf and moved to its current location, it was originally located at the Sanibel Lighthouse. Calusa - Spanish era, the history of Sanibel is told through the stories of the early pioneer families who settled on the island in the 19th century. It was built by a rancher who hoped it would lead visitors to the islands.

Two years later, the Matsumotos moved into an old house on Sanibel Island on Tarpon Bay Road on the beach and turned it into their first gallery. From 2001 to 2006, Sanibel had an artists "cooperative, in which hundreds of oil, watercolor and pastel paintings were sold. The Tower Gallery has been moved to its current location on the island, where Rohl worked with Ikki's wife Polly to present his own work. He teaches at the College of Arts and Sciences at the University of Florida at Fort Myers and is a member of the Florida State Museum of Fine Arts in Sarasota.

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More About Sanibel Island